RRR Midday News Bulletin – RRR (102.7FM), September 21 2017

Hurricane Maria has been downgraded, after making landfall in Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm; dozens of refugees from Manus Island and Nauru will depart for the US this weekend; and private drug rehab providers are calling for more regulation so patients get the treatment they deserve.

Presenters: Natasha Grivas, Vern Yap, and Jen Park

Producers: Kelsey Rettino, Tara Cosoleto, Rochelle Kirkham, Natasha Grivas, Vern Yap, and Jen Park

RRR Midday News Bulletin – RRR (102.7FM), September 14 2017


The Senate is due to pass the Media Reform Bill – which could mean a less diverse media landscape; organisers of R U OK day aim to empower connections between those struggling with mental illness; and Moreland City Council is the third Melbourne Council to change the date of its Australia Day celebrations.

Written and produced by: Hanna Clarke, Francesca Broome, Natasha Grivas, Alice Rennison, Kelsey Rettino, Shannon Schubert

Presenters:  Alice Rennison, Kelsey Rettino, Shannon Schubert

“The Back Beat: Fleetwood Mac” – ABC Gippsland (100.7FM), June 28 2017

Have you ever wondered about the story behind American-British rock band, Fleetwood Mac? ABC Gippsland intern, Kelsey Rettino, joins Rachael Lucas for the Back Beat.

“Ghost Town: Interview with country musician, Billy Bridge” – ABC Gippsland (100.7FM), June 30 2017

Musician Billy Bridge spent his early childhood in the Yallourn township, which was demolished in the 80s. He’s written a song about it called ‘Ghost Town’, which he’s releasing as a single and video clip. Bill lives in Queensland now, and has enjoyed huge success on the country music scene. ABC Gippsland intern, Kelsey Rettino, caught up with Billy about his latest release, and had him perform ‘Ghost Town’ for us.

“Bohemians in the Bush at Gippsland Art Gallery: Interview with curator, Simon Gregg” – ABC Gippsland (100.7FM), June 26 2017

‘Bohemians in the Bush’ is the latest exhibition at Gippsland Art Gallery Sale. The exhibition takes a look at Gippsland art from the late 19th and early 20th century. Curator Simon Greg reckons it’s a chance for Gippslanders to learn more about local art. He says the exhibition tells some of early stories of our region. ABC Gippsland intern, Kelsey Rettino, spoke to Simon earlier.

“Is the payphone past its use-by date?” – ABC Gippsland (100.7FM), June 21 2017

The payphone could soon be on its way out. It costs $44 million each year to run Australia’s payphone network. But the Productivity Commission says this funding is no longer justified, given the popularity of mobile phones. ABC Gippsland intern, Kelsey Rettino, took to the streets of Sale, Gippsland, to have a look at the town’s payphones, and ask local residents if they think the payphone is past its use-by date.

Friday May 19 2017 (FULL SHOW) – Panorama SYN 90.7FM

On the show: The potential benefits of sadness, Australia’s debate on constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and the decline of the Yellow and White Pages.
Producer: Kelsey Rettino
Host: Kelsey Rettino
Reporters: Kelsey Rettino, Shannon Schubert and Alain Nguyen

“One hundred days of Trump: How the 45th presidency is shaping up” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, April 27 2017

On April 29, President of the United States, Donald Trump, will pass 100 days in office. Reporter Kelsey Rettino spoke to Lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Dr Raymond Orr, about Trump’s achievements and shortcomings during his first 100 days as president.

“Youth underemployment at 40 year high” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, March 31 2017

A report released by The Brotherhood of St Laurence in March found that youth underemployment is at a 40 year high. Reporter Kelsey Rettino spoke to an underemployed youth, a spokesperson from The Brotherhood of St Laurence, and a spokesperson from the Career Development Association Australia to find out more about the state of youth unemployment and underemployment in Australia.

“Lorde releases Greenlight: Interview with Jack Hollenberg” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, March 3 2017

This morning, New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde released her first new single in about three years. Called “Green Light”, this new single is the first from Lorde’s upcoming second album, which she announced this morning is called “Melodrama”. Assistant Producer of Panorama, Kelsey Rettino, spoke to Executive Producer of New and Approved, SYN 90.7 FM’s flagship local and international music show, Jack Hollenberg, about Lorde’s latest release.

“TAC Cup Girls competition paving pathways for women’s footy” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, March 2 2017

On March 2 2017, Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, announced the new TAC Girls Cup Competition, launched by AFL Victoria in partnership with the Transport Accident Commission. Panorama reporter, Kelsey Rettino, spoke to a player for the Eastern Ranges to find out what this new competition means for women’s footy.

“French presidential elections: Who is candidate Marine Le Pen?” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, February 24 2017

Far right French presidential candidate, and front-runner in the first round of the French presidential elections, Marine Le Pen, has recently sparked controversy with her refusal to wear a headscarf when meeting Lebanon’s grand mufti. As the first round of the elections nears, reporter Kelsey Rettino spoke to researcher and sessional academic in international politics at the University of Melbourne, Dr Maryse Helbert, to find out more about the incident, and take a look at Le Pen’s chances of becoming the next president of France.

“Melbourne’s competitive rental market pushes out would-be renters” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, February 10 2017

Melbourne’s rental market is under increasing strain, with recent statistics from Domain Group’s Rental and House Price Report revealing Melburnians can expect to pay a median $410 a week on rent. Kelsey Rettino spoke to a student struggling to find housing to gain some insight about renting in Melbourne’s tightening rental market.

“Demand for an Australian education on the rise” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, October 7 2016

Data released last month from the Federal Department of Education and Training shows that the number of international students in Australia is rising, with schools and universities attracting nearly as many students between January and July as they did for all of 2015. Panorama reporter Kelsey Rettino spoke to some international students to find out why Australia is their destination of choice.

“One fifth of all bike crashes occur in bike lanes, study shows” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, August 26 2016

A new study conducted by researchers from Monash University has found approximately one in five of all bike crashes happen in designated bike lanes. Panorama reporter Kelsey Rettino spoke to the lead author of the study, Dr Ben Beck, and one Melburnian cyclist, to find out more.

“Melbourne cafes unite to prevent homelessness” – Panorama SYN 90.7FM, August 5 2016

The first week of August marks national Homelessness Prevention Week in Australia. With 105,000 Australians experiencing homelessness every night, StreetSmart is one organisation taking action this week through their CafeSmart initiative. Reporter Kelsey Rettino spoke to CEO of StreetSmart, Adam Robinson, to find out more.